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Thomas meets a bus at a junction named Bertie. Bertie is convinced that's he faster than Thomas which Thomas disagrees with. to see who's the fastest is, the two have a race. Meanwhile Charles tells his daughter, Bridget the story behind the picture she obtained.


  • Amber as Sir Bertram Lowham Hatt, Patrick Starr (Crovan’s Driver) & Henry
  • Dana as Bertie, Charlie Sanderson (Edward’s Driver) & James Dean (Bertie’s Driver)
  • Rosy as Annie, Clarabel, Bridget Hatt
  • Luca as Edward, Crovan & Sir Charles Topham Hatt
  • Jonah as Thomas, Sidney Heaver (Edward’s Fireman) & Eagle
  • Dylan as The inspector & Larry White (Thomas’ Driver)
  • Jordan as Barry Foster (Lower Suddery Station Master) & Alfred Pennyworth (Charles’s Butler)
  • Crutch as Sir Edward Topham Hatt I & Gordon
  • Andrew as Alfred




  • 1939
  • 1923 (Flashback)


  • This episode is the only episode so far that Amber has written without Dana's help
  • Episode 5 marks the first & final appearances of Eagle and Crovan
    • This episode marks the first death of the series.
    • The final time Luca plays Edward & The Fat Controller.
      • After this, Luca was removed from the cast
    • Episode 5 wil be probably the final time will see Sir Lowham Hatt.
  • The Elsbridge Viaduct & Vicarstown Station sets, were both made for sets of Episode 5, but were changed at the last minute to re use the knapford station set for Vicarstown.