North Western Stories Wiki

North Western Stories is the current web-series of Amber's YT channel and is set in the Thomas and Friends universe. It's inspired by The Railway Series by the Rev Wilbert Awdry


  • Amber (Douglas#10) - Creator, Head Writer, Producer, Director and Composer
  • Dana (Damsel_Dana) - Co-Owner and Head Writer
  • Dylan (DockTank) - Co-Owner, Head Writer, Composer
  • Jonah (Jonah Snyder) - Writer



  • Henry
  • Duck
  • Donald
  • Amber
  • BoCo
  • Crovan (Episode 6 onwards)
  • Sir Bertram Lowham Hatt
  • Cindy's Father
  • Stone dropping boy 2 and 3
  • Connor Dillion (James' Driver) (Episode 1 only)
  • Stan Mathers (Percy's Driver) (Episode 1 only)
  • Henry's Driver (Episode 1 only)
  • Patrick Starr (Crovan's Driver)
  • Bulgy
  • Smudger
  • Proteus
  • Bert
  • Troublesome Trucks (Various)
  • Squid Truck


  • Bill
  • Spencer
  • Daisy
  • Troublesome Trucks (various)
  • Toad
  • Stephen Hatt
  • The Workshop Manager
  • Tidmouth Yard Manager
  • Stone dropping boy 1
  • Robert Wood (Knapford Station Master)
  • Henry’s Driver (Episode 2 onwards)
  • Stan Mathers (Percy's Driver) (Episode 2 onwards)
  • Allen Stanton (Toby's Guard)
  • Charlie Sanderson (Edward's Driver)
  • Jimmy Dean (Bertie's Driver)
  • Bertie
  • Mainland diesel 2 - (class 01)


  • Thomas
  • Hank
  • Eagle
  • Splatter & Dodge
  • S.C. Ruffey
  • Jem Cole
  • Sidney Heaver (Edward’s Fireman)
  • Lorry 2
  • Freddie
  • Culdee

Conductor Crutch

  • Gordon
  • Crutch
  • Troublesome trucks (various)
  • Alf
  • The Wellsworth Vicar (Charles Laxley)
  • George
  • Duke
  • Trevor
  • Skarloey
  • Alaric


  • Rickety
  • Rex


  • Wilbert
  • Nate
  • Bertram
  • Eric
  • Jock
  • James (Backup)
  • Toby (Backup)


  • City of Truro
  • Murdoch
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Sir Topham Hatt's Butler)
  • Officer Peter
  • Barry Foster (Lower Suddery Station Master)
  • Shaine Dooiney

NWR James


  • Molly
  • Paisley
  • Scrap Engine 2 - (GWR 1366)
  • Express coaches (various)
  • Narrow gauge coaches (various)

Scotsman and Sapphire

  • Emily
  • Claire
  • Express coaches (various)
  • Narrow gauge coaches (various)

Thomas and Friends Productions

Jonathan Asiamah

Justin Roig

  • Douglas
  • Ryan
  • Justin
  • SliverLink
  • The inspector
  • The barber from 'A Close Shave'

TheTurrick Railway


  • Arthur
  • Larry White (Thomas's Driver)
  • The inspector (back up)
  • Peter Sam
  • Wilfred
  • Harvey
  • Scrap Engine 1 - (S&DJR 7F)

Andrew Leago

Yilin Zhou

  • Mavis
  • Isabel
  • Narrow Gauge Coaches (various)
  • Express Coaches (various)

Industrial Steam Productions

  • Stepney
  • Troublesome trucks (various)
  • Allen Stanton (Toby's Driver)
  • Terence
  • Mainland diesel 3 - (LMS 7054)
  • Sam the Farmer


  • Ben
  • Flying Scotsman
  • Jay
  • Rusty
  • Lord Harry
  • Express Coaches (various)
  • Narrow Gauge Coaches (various)



Autumn K

  • Express Coaches (Various)
  • Narrow Gauge Coaches (Various)


Mason Hagen

  • Sir Charles Topham Hatt (Episode 1 & Episode 3, Episode 6 onwards)
  • Engine Crew (Various)
  • Trucks (Various)
  • Godred (back up)


  • Ernest
  • Tom Tipper
  • Mr. Peter Sam

Rob the Green engine

  • The Spiteful Brakevan
  • Derek


  • Mike
  • Frank

Zeo videos 26F

Zac's Railways

  • Cranky
  • 9400
  • Godred
  • Lorry 1
  • Alfred (back up)
  • Diesel 10 (back up)


  • Fred Pelhay
  • Sixteen


  • Green Arrow

GTSH Productions

Crane Engine Studios

  • Merlin

Geo the Avatared Creature

  • Hiro

Train Dudes Ink

  • Mainland diesel 1
  • Xander


  • Bear

LJ Productions

  • Dennis


  • Carly

Rizo2612 Studios

  • Diesel 261

HeartCloud Productions

  • Evening Star

Cloud The Loud

  • Cloud

Former Cast

These voice actors used or were planned to voice act in North Western Stories, either due to one or more of the following happening. They never responded to when lines were given, was recasted, their role was dropped, something occured to upset or anger a fellow cast member(s) or other reasons, too personal o graphic to mention

CM Trainboy

  • Thomas (Formerly; Episode 1 to Episode 4)

Narrow Gauge

  • Proteus (Formerly)
  • Ernest (Formerly)

SI Productions

  • Bear (Formerly)


  • Sir Charles Topham Hatt (Formerly; Episode 4 - Episode 5)
  • Edward (Formerly; Episode 1 - Episode 5)
  • Crovan (Formerly; Episode 4)

Reasons for Leaving

  • George - Was cancelled due to faking someone else's death, also among other things
  • Carmichael - Carmichael was always late on lines and was usually the reason episodes took so long to upload.
  • Joe - Joe was the only other person on this list who didn't actually do something wrong. he was just busy with his own projects.
  • Luca - Luca was removed from the series, due to spamming the NWS Twitter group chat and also get mad at you for unknown reasons. He also was kicked out from NWS (among several other series') due to very disturbing reasons Viewer Discretion Advised.


Thumbnail Episode title Release date Episode number #
The Cheeky Catepillar.jpeg The Cheeky Caterpillar June 12, 2020 #01
A new saddle tank comes to Sodor and has to learn on how to be a really useful engine. Henry has a crash which leaves his fate ambigous
Stuffed Up in the Smokebox.jpeg Stuffed Up in the Smokebox July, 4th 2020 #02
Henry has come back from Crewe as a new engine and pulls the express, this however makes Gordon very jealous
Oldies but Goldies.jpeg Oldies but Goldies September 2, 2020 #03
Sir Topham Hatt visits the London and North Eastern Railway for holiday. while there, he visits a line run by a tram named Toby. Thomas gets in trouble with the police during The Fat Controller's Holiday. Since Toby's line is closing, The Fat Controller offers to buy him to work on the island.
Ready for Anything.jpg Ready for Anything November 15 2020 #04
Toby the tram engine had recently been bought by Sir Charles Topham Hatt to work on his railway. Everyone enjoys Toby's company and is grateful to have him on sodor, except one engine; James. James find's Toby, and his coach Henrietta, out of date and old. James is teased by Toby after James' comment of Toby looking dull.
Races&ChasesTN.png Races and Chases February 28, 2021 #05
Thomas meets a bus at a junction named Bertie. Bertie is convinced that's he faster than Thomas which Thomas disagrees with. to see who's the fastest is, the two have a race. Meanwhile Charles tells his daughter, Bridget the story behind the picture she obtained
NoImagePlaceholder.png Old Reliable July 5th, 2021 #06
Edward's age is beginning to show due to his worn-out parts, Edward's clanking parts cause him to scare some cows and have them break through. Gordon and Henry hear about the incident and find it very funny, leading them to tease Edward about letting a few cows damage his train while bragging that they could handle cows easily.
NoImagePlaceholder.png Great Northern Fault 2021 #07
An new engine comes to Sodor and chats up with Thomas, but Thomas soon learns about his pre-Sodor life and how much trauma Ryan had to experience. Then Ryan and Percy get into a accident at Kirk Ronan Harbour, but some sinster force maybe behind the crash.
NoImagePlaceholder.png Minor Risks TBA #08
NoImagePlaceholder.png New Engine On The Block 2021 #09


  • Amber decided that Episode 4 would be the last episode with narration