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Bertie is a part of the new Sodor bus company on the Island of Sodor.


Bertie is friendly and ready to help anyone in need. However, he can be quite cheeky and can even be boastful about himself, especially to Thomas, always joking around and teasing him about their races. He can sometimes be quite grumpy, as whenever he breaks down or gets stuck, he grumbles about it. He is always, however, easy-going and cheerful to everyone he sees.

Technical Details


Bertie is based on an AEC Regal "T Class" London Country Area bus. 8 of these are known to survive in preservation. One of these, T31, is believed to have been the first bus to be privately preserved in the UK.

Upon closer inspection, however, Bertie appears to be based on a post-war Leyland Motors "Tiger", type PS-2, built between 1947 and 1953, with several examples surviving in preservation.


Bertie is painted in the common red livery of buses in the United Kingdom, mostly famously used by London Transport.



  • Amber owns Four Bertie's and each has made a cameo, the only one to speak has been the one she uses for bertie.
    • two of these Bertie's are wooden railway, one has had it's face removed
    • the other two are tomy Bertie's where one of them was seen in Oldies But Goldies, that specific one has had it's face removed and given a lego piece for a grill, it's also had it's wheels painted black instead of red.